Air Bag Safety

When used with lap and shoulder belts, air bags work very well to protect older children and adults.
  • NEVER place a rear-facing car seat in front of an active passenger side airbag.
  • Because the back of a rear-facing car seat sits very close to the dashboard, the car seat could be struck with enough force by the airbag to seriously injure or kill the infant passenger.
  • If possible, all children under 13 should be properly restrained in a back seat.
  • If a child under 13 must be placed in the front seat (pickup trucks, sports cars, etc.) refer to your owner's manual on the proper way to turn off the passenger side front air bag.
  • The child must be properly restrained.
  • The vehicle seat must be moved back as far as possible from the dashboard.
  • An on/off switch is recommended for frequent front seat use.

For detailed information about airbags, airbag on/off switches and requests to have an on/off switch placed in your vehicle, please click here.