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Useful Links


PennDOT - Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. Contains information regarding all aspects of transportation in the state of Pennsylvania. - PennDOT sponsored website with specific information concerning driver and passenger safety for residents of Pennsylvania


NHTSA - The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Contains news, published statistical reports, educational materials and multimedia on traffic issues effecting every demographic across the nation.


National Center for Statistics & Analysis (NCSA) - NCSA, an office of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, is responsible for providing a wide range of analytical and statisical support to NHTSA & the highway safety community.


SafeKidsUSA - Home page for SafeKids USA. - A NHTSA hosted website providing defect, recall, safety and consumer complaint information concerning vehicles.


Parents Central - Traffic safety resource website for parents.


PA Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics - State -level organization that promote the health and well being of children and the value of pediatric practice. Host to various programs including the Traffic Injury Prevention Project.


PA Department of Health - Contains public health data pertaining to Pennsylvania and the nation.


BuckleupNC - North Carolina's very useful seatbelt/cps site, including an easy to use recall list.


JustDrivePA - PA's safe drive resource website. - The purpose of the website is to provide rationale for current best practices in child passenger safety by summarizing the research studies supporting those practices. The website also features videos showing the benefits of restraining children using best practices.


Child Safety Network - Resources and links focusing on developing and implementing educational safety programs concenring child safety issues.